Kevin and Randy are not alone in their quest to bring sustainable aquaponics farming to Santa Barbara and the Central Coast. If you think we’re doing cool stuff, then be sure to visit the websites of our mentors, friends, and business acquaintances who make sure we can do what we do. Peace.

Friendly Aquaponics  Randy took an amazing week long commercial aquaponics course with Tim and Susanne on the Big Island. Friendly has done more for aquaponics than anyone else we know of to bring down the cost, use energy more efficiently, and make systems that are functional. We want build on this approach of innovation and common sense as we scale down the important features of commercial aquaponics to the backyard.

Aquaponics Gardening A link to a very good aquaponics blog. Randy has a page here as well.

J and J Aquafarms Our source for channel catfish and also a place to buy fish pellets in bulk, aquatic plants, etc. John can ship catfish or other fish via FedEx overnight shipping.

Urban Grow Systems  The good folks at UGS have some of the best deals around on hydroponic supplies. This is where we get our net pots, soil mixture of coconut coir and hydrolite, hydroton, and Maxicrop. Jared’s got the aquaponics supplies you’ll need.

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network A community of locals committed to sharing the theory, practice, and art of permaculture.

Sustainable World Radio Podcasts and so much more on permaculture, urban farming, and the value of soil. Great stuff Jill!

Fairview Gardens  More good local Santa Barbara people who are trying to help spread the urban food movement. Keep up the good work.

Loa Tree Local heroes Dave Fortson and Eric Cardenas are helping promote eco and socially sustainable innovators, changemakers, and sustainable lifestyles.  Look out for Loa Living MagazineLoa Tree’s new quarterly magazine for a better world.

Aquatic Designs Brandon and his crew are there to help you from the aquarium end of aquaponics. Whether it is getting fish food, air and water pumps, or other parts, this is the place to go.

Santa Barbara Food Bank Let’s see; 5 million pounds of food donated to needy families in 2011. Yes, these are people and an organization to get behind. Donate proudly, your money or your time.

Edible Santa Barbara Magazine A quarterly publication celebrating the abundance of local food and wine throughout Santa Barbara County. We hope to someday grace the pages of Edible SB and help spread the word and bounty of aquaponics.