Aquaponics is a method of organic food production which combines the best aspects of aquaculture and hydroponics to create a highly productive living ecosystem. Santa Barbara Aquaponics seeks to bring aquaponics to Santa Barbara through the use of commercial and hobbyist sized systems to grow nutritious organic vegetables using the most sustainable agriculture systems available.

Today, agriculture is much different than that practiced by our grandfathers. Threatened by problems related to water shortages, topsoil loss, reliance on fossil fuel inputs, and a changing climate, the productivity and reliability of our food systems and ecosystems are at stake. Alternatives are needed which are more efficient in use of resources, are sustainable, resilient, and better mesh with our communities. Aquaponics is an agricultural technique poised to meet our current and future needs for locally raised, healthy and sustainable produce. Aquaponics has faster production cycles, increased planting densities, lower water and energy usage, and better tasting produce compared to traditional agriculture providing aquaponics many distinct advantages moving forward.

Santa Barbara Aquaponics goal is to grow healthy food for our region, optimize water and energy efficiency of aquaponics operations, demonstrate the commercial viability of aquaponics farming, and promote aquaponics as a sustainable alternative to existing food production systems. We will strive to educate others as we develop techniques that are scalable from backyards to large commercial farms in order to lighten the impact of modern agricultural practices. Care to join us? Sign up for our newsletter on the right side of our home page to learn about everything we’re doing and how you can be involved.